HELiO Launch FAQs

What happens on August 9th to my bookings in the old booking platform?

Once you’ve received your HELiO logins, we’ll migrate all of your existing bookings to HELiO.

I still have credit on file in i-Build what will happen to it now?

All of your credits with i-Build will move over to HELiO.

Wait, what’s TTJ and why did I get this email?

Well hello! We’re The Travel Junction, your friendly neighbourhood travel booking platform. In late 2020, Infinity Holidays was retired and we were introduced to you as your new travel supplier.

What’s happening with eNett?

eNett international announced in early June that their EFT payment platform will be shut down at the end of July. No need to worry, with our new platform you can still make Direct Deposit payments and now you’ll be able to pay by Credit Card as well!

What support will be available?

You will have the same access to our support teams 24/7 using our live chat https://direct.lc.chat/8809141/13 or for any urgent enquiries you can always contact us at +61 7 3083 6164. For all non urgent enquiries please email us on gpnsupport@flightcentre.com or customerservice@thetraveljunction.com.au